What size jars do you sell?

All nut butters come in 8 oz. jars

Are your butters vegetarian?

Yes, our butters are vegetarian, but not vegan, because we use milk powder.

Do you ship?

Yes, we ship within the United States and Canada only.

What do I eat the nut butters with?

Our butters are well balanced and pair with many sweet and savory items. Any baked goods will work: cookies, pastries, breads (sweet and savory), bagels, pancakes, crepes, and much more. We also like to eat them with apples or baked apple chips and they are a perfect addition to protein shakes, ice cream and milk shakes. A few of our customers also like eating them in oatmeal or on baked sweet potatoes. You can also substitute them in recipes that call for peanut butter, cookie butter or chocolate hazelnut spread.

Where do you source your palm oil?

Our palm oil is responsibly sourced from the USA and Canada. We don’t want to harm the rain forest or its inhabitants!